It always taker longer...

I can't remember how many websites I've started and never finished for Siyeh Studio. I usually get the home page done, about us, contact, maybe a short news page, and then some of an on-line wholesale catalog. Once I even had a list of all the places that carried my work and a Google map showing their locations. But one way or another, I always get stuck on the part where I'm supposed to show all of my work, and I never get the whole thing done.

Why is it so difficult? It seems like it should be easy to put up pictures of the work and maybe some pricing info for retailers. Hah! Even if I had quality pictures of all of my pieces (I don't--I'm a glass artist, not a photographer), there are formatting and layout issues that have always overwhelmed me and taken more time than I've had to devote to it. Right now, as usual, I am scrambling madly to get the site done for my retailers before they head off to their spring shows so I can get my work in front of them before they placed all their orders. The American Handcrafted Show in Philadelphia is next weekend and it is my hard stop for having everything done. This year it's more important than ever as I am not doing any shows myself, but I will have my new artist representative Debbie Suchy there meeting with retailers interested in my work.

Tonight I am putting up the last of the glass catalog and hope to get the wire and steel done too--the glass only portion is the most difficult as I had to set up the color variations and also size and price variations for the various shapes. I'll also need to put up the descriptions and photos of the new colorways and the new piece--a chip and dip set. I can't say I'm wild about the name, but I'm all about beautiful serving pieces for entertaining and I love the color flow from one piece to the next in this set.

Okay, that's enough of a break. Back to uploading photos, writing descriptive copy, and trying to look like I have my stuff together.

A booth shot from a previous year at the Buyer's Market of American Craft

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